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  初中优秀英语作文带翻译范文精选一:广州之旅 A Visiting to Guangzhou

  This summer holiday, I had a great travel toGuangzhouwith my parents.Guangzhouis a beautiful city, and it is named as theFlowerCity. The main streets are wide and clean, which sometimes are crowded with cars. There are plenty of trees and flowers in the roadsides, which make the city green. We visited to the White Cloud Mountain,ChenClanAcademy,GuangzhouTowerand other tourist attractions. Except for scenery, the Guangzhou Food is very famous, the soup and morning tea especially. I tried many delicious foods there, and I find that all of them are my favorite. It’s a memorable trip that brings pleasure and leisure to us. I thinkGuangzhouis a city worth of visiting.


  初中优秀英语作文带翻译范文精选二:我的变化 My Changes

  Now, I am a middle school student in grade nine. It’s also the last year of middle school. Therefore, I must work harder this year because I want to get good scores in the senior school entrance exam. From this semester, I get up earlier than before because I want to do some more readings. After lunch, I also spend some time in study. I usually review the knowledge I learn in the morning. After dinner, I have class in school until 21:30. It’s for students to autonomous learning. Our teachers would come to the classroom, if we have any questions we could ask them. After school, I do not study at home. I think a good rest is important for me, so I go to bed early at night. Besides, due to the exam, I spend much less time in entertainment. I don’t think it’s bad for me, because a good senior school is my priority now. I must pay my most attention to it.


  初中优秀英语作文带翻译范文精选三:军训 Military Training

  In our country, when we go to middle school, we must attend to the military training. Most students are afraid of it, because the training often happens in hot summer. In summer days, the weather is too hot to stand. But students have to stay outside all the day. In addition, the training is very hard. Students have to learn to be a solder. They have to obey many rules that they don’t have to in daily life. And, the trainer is very strict to students. They do like our teachers who care us patiently. However, military training is a good way to train students’ strong willpower. It’s useful to the life of students. Therefore, it’s necessary to very student.


  初中优秀英语作文带翻译范文精选四:电脑 Computer

  Computer is a very useful machine. Some of them are big, but some of them are very small .Many people like playing computer. Computer has many functions, so that people can do a lot of things by computer, like watching movies, listening to the music or playing games. It can make our lives very colorful and convenient. Various people can make good use of computer. Children can use computer to learn and play games. Parents can use computers to work. I think computer is a kind of wonderful and interesting machine, so I like computer very much.


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