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  不要和陌生人说话 Don't Talk to Strangers

  Before we go to school, we get our parents to supervise us all the time, so we live in a very safe environment. While when we go to school, parents can't keep their eyes on us all the time, they are so worried about us, so they begin to tell us how to keep ourselves safe. The most important thing is that don't talk to strangers, as a teenager, we haven't had the ability to judge who is the good guy and who is the bad guy, so it is better not to talk to the strangers. The bad guys will like to talk to the teenagers, they want to do something to pay the teenagers' attention, thus they can induce the children to go with them and do the bad thing. In order to protect teenagers' security, teenagers are taught to keep distant from the stranger.



  Physical fitness is today's hot topic. And everywhere you turn you hear something new. But is it all true?

  The more you sweat, the more fat you burn .

  This myth has encouraged people to work out in extreme heat or wear layers of clothes or rubber or plastic weight-loss suits in the hope of sweating fat off. Unfortunately, it's water they're losing, not fat.

  Fat burns when it is used as a fuel source for exercise, which doesn't happen initially. When you first begin to exercise, you burn carbohydrates or sugars. It takes about 20 minutes of easy to moderate aerobic activity before the transition from burning sugars to fat begins. (Aerobic exercise is any rhythmic and continuous activity that uses oxygen and large muscle masses of the body, such as the arms and legs. Examples are bicycle riding, jumping rope, walking, jogging, aerobic dance, and swimming.) So, to burn the flab, plan on working out at least 40 minutes.

  If you stop working out, your muscles will turn to fat.

  If you decrease your activity and continue to eat the same or more, you may gain back that spare tire that you worked so hard to lose. It's not, however, because your muscles turned to fat. Muscles may atrophy or lose their tone, but they won't turn to fat. Muscle is muscle and fat is fat.


  Traditional Judeo-Christian religion speaks much about wisdom, the chief text being embodied in the book of Proverbs, which I conside to be the "primer" on helping one understand wisdom's unknown pole. One cannot go very far in their understanding or growth in wisdom if they completely disregard a statements in Proverbs like: "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Prov. 1:6). Whether one is religious or not, an understanding of and a non-denigrating attitude -- toward wisdom's unknown pole demands an serious exploration of a relationship with the imago dei, for how else can one fully grasp that in the Scriptures, wisdom is personified or embodied. Through personification we can relationally embrace wisdom rather than it being solely an abstract knowledge or be left as only a "definable goal." It is my opinion that wisdom can be embraced and loved only when it is personified. One might call this "the engaging wisdom's heat" to distinguish it from the cooler aspects of embracing wisdom only as concept.

  The quest for balanced wisdom is an elusive thing, much like going toward a destination to which one never arrives. Instead of this making one impatient, I encourage you to consider that all noble things are difficult, costly, and time-consuming. Furthermore, unlike the usual trips we take in life, wisdom's path often diverts us from our conscious intention; we find ourselves in unknown and disorienting places. These two aspects of the pursuit of wisdom are perceived intuitively as the tension between knowing that the path leads to greater connectedness and increase yet at the same time deconstruction and lack of definiteness. Without this uncomfortableness, inherent in its pursuit, wisdom cannot be manifested, remaining dead, or perhaps inert.

  The pursuit of wisdom is, in part, a battle of the heart in which the pursuit of pleasure and lessening of discomfort, pain, or obligation continually pull us away from engaging its unknown pole. The Scripture, "out of the heart flows the issues of life," just touches the depths of such a confrontation. Concretely, the "issue of life" is blood without which there can be no further life or only a life that is stagnant. I encourage you to make the pursuit of wisdom as precious to you as your own blood and the blood of others.

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